Just looking around...
I'll admit: I like old-school blogging.

I've been blogging for almost ten years.  You can see a list of where I regularly blog here, or just click on one of the tabs at the top of the page.  

For years this was a spot to post things I didn't know where else to post ... a blog junk drawer, if you will.  Recently I've found myself coming back here to quietly post photos, and to muse about long  form narratives I could quietly place along with those photos.  (Check back for those. I'm in a dry spell, plus there's so much internet noise already.)

I know blogs have gathered some dust since the rise of Twitter and Facebook.  I miss the early days of the blogosphere before social media corralled everyone into corporate places.  Social media's hive structure reminds me of cubicle space in an office building.   Blogs, however, are more like private boutiques, used bookstores, cluttered studies and garage studios.  Blogs are the kooky thrift shops down the alley from Facebook's big box store.  I find myself drawn more and more to places that don't expect me to click a like button.  I want creativity, not content ... art, not brand.  Or maybe I'm just being antisocial.

This is my space to hang out, share photos, tell stories and recommend books.  Drop by whenever you like, no likes or subscriptions required.

I shoot with a Nikon, Lumix and various iPhones.  I occasionally play around with a 1970s Yashica TLR.

You can leave me a comment or an entire manifesto here.  Be sure to leave me a link to your blog.

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If you must find me on social  media, I'm an artsy and political Twitter person, a sporatic iPhone shutterbug on IG, a slideshow queen (and wannabe documentary filmmaker) on YouTube, a never-check-it Snapchatter (@laurieallee) and a super weird obsessive digital scrapbooker on Pinterest.  I don't do Facebook.